From expert artist development to skillful mixing and production services, I help bring an artist’s vision to life using a collaborative, hands-on approach that fuses detail-oriented creativity with a good time. With a keen eye on the market and a sharp ear on the music, my comprehensive production services are carefully executed – yet low-stress and laid-back – from start to finish.

Before stepping into the studio, I work with artists to understand their ultimate vision for the finished product and map out options for a final plan of action to make that vision a reality. In the studio, we dive into musical inspirations, explore possible arrangements, and fire up all the cylinders in a fast-paced and fun environment. After the recording session is complete, my work continues as I edit, arrange, polish, finesse and repeat until we achieve excellence. These final touches are what really separates the professionals from the amateurs, and I take great pride in the professional quality, sound and experience of my production services from beginning to end.

Music Producer

Not content to produce music based on theory alone, I dive right in and get my hands dirty in all aspects of studio production, from songwriting and arrangement to recording and mixing. Using the latest tools and techniques available, my flexible production methodology is capable of suiting a variety of musical styles ranging from pop and rock to jazz and hip-hop.

Artist Developer

From country vocalists and jazz musicians to nerdcore rappers and pop rock queens, I’ve had the privilege of developing and managing artists in many different musical styles. My role as an artist development and management professional includes production budget management, musician acquisition, song selection, contract advising, show booking and tour planning.

Sound Engineer

Whether in a recording studio or at a live concert venue, I help artists produce high quality sound through skilled sound engineering services. My years of experience as a sound engineer, musician and student of music allows me to assist artists in getting just the right pitch, timing and rhythm for their recording or live concert.


Like many people in this town, I’m a professional live and studio session bassist who enjoys the occasional jam session. Not only do I understand the value of artist recognition in a sea of talented musicians, but I can also relate to that euphoric experience of being on stage performing, which makes all the difference in the final production and artist development process.

Commercial Quality

Grammy®️ Nominated

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